jeudi 17 août 2017

Windows 10 tweak

This is a small list of tweak I do into windows 10 gathered from different source on the internet.

1- Add the "run as different user" context choice to start menu item...

Add this registry entry
Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00


2- On desktop disable Hibernation:

 CMD -> run as admin -> powercfg -h off

3- Add "notepad as admin" to send to menu

4- Add the "my pc" icon on the desktop:
 Open the settings app -> click personalization -> click theme -> click desktop icon settings

5- Change the default behavior when opening windows explorer to default to "My PC" :
 Open windows explorer ->  click on view -> option -> change folder and search option -> in the top left of the general view under "open file explorer to" select "This PC"

6 - in windows 10 creator update you can remove the "maintenance center" from the tray icon:
  Open the settings app -> click personalization -> Choose "taskbar" from the left -> scroll down to "activate or deactivate system icon" -> turn off the "maintenance center" icon and any other icon you no longer want in the system tray.

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