jeudi 17 mars 2016

Vmware PowerCLI 6 scheduled task

We just upgraded our VmWare environment to vSphere 6 with the vCenter installed on Windows 2012r2 using SQL server. The only problem we faced when we migrated the Windows scheduled task that run powercli command from the old 5.5 vCenter to the new one. Keep in mind that my powershell knowledge is very limited...

The task run weekly to return all the running VMs and also VMs with snapshot that are older than 7 days. After hours of investigation I finally found out that the script were running fine when ran directly from whitin powercli so the problem had to come from task scheduler. I found some blog page that suggested to test the scheduled task command with the parameter from the command prompt to see where things goes wrong. That proved to be the best troubleshooting option as I quickly realised that the script was running fine but all the vmware command were returning "invalid command name". This lead me to diagnose further and understand that the vim.psc1file is just a simple text file (powershell console file) instructing powershell to load specific module and/or snapin. I also discovered that you can create new powershell console file by using the export-console command, so I exported the console loaded from the powercli shortcut on the desktop and oh surprise the console file is different than the vim.psc1 created automatically from Vmware. I tested running my script with this powershell console file and tadam! The scripts all works again. The problem is that the default vim.psc1 file miss this line:

 <PSSnapIn Name="VMware.VimAutomation.Core" />

This SnapIn is the one used for the get-vm command and was the one causing the problem.

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